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Accounting & Bookkeeping

The services we provide to you are typically based on a fixed-price arrangement , so you are not left guessing — you know what the expectations are around service levels, deliverables and pricing! Additionally, our information is accessible to you at any time.

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Consulting & Advising

A consulting engagement is also lower risk than a restaurant accounting solution. Said another way, our consulting engagement will allow you to kick *our* tires to see if PURE Back Office Solutions is the right fit for you!

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HR & Personnel

PURE Restaurant Solutions has extensive experience working with restaurants. We are able to help restaurants become more profitable by helping to provide timely weekly and monthly financial information, so owners and managers can make timely decisions.

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Tax Services

Since we have cared for your financial information throughout the year, it naturally makes sense that we perform the tax work as well! This would pertain to year-end tax services as well as filing sales and property tax returns during the year.

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No Risk – Free Consultation

We will reply as soon as possible!

Not ready for business accounting? We offer other options such as consulting and an evaluation of your current set-up. For a quick evaluation of your business needs, send us your info, by filling out the form below. We will build you the best possible offer for your business to run as smooth as possible.



We pay your employees.


Flash Reporting

We provide a weekly prime cost report.


Margin Analysis

We can help you better understand your business.



We pay your vendors.


Financial Statements

We generate period-end financials.


Consulting Services

Not ready for restaurant accounting? We offer other options such as consulting and an evaluation of your current set-up.

PURE Back Office Solutions

A professional accounting and consulting team.

We handle your back office needs

PURE Back Office Solutions was founded with the strong belief that business operators are at their best when they are serving their customers. This puts the focus of your back office and makes it our responsibility. We ensure this aspect runs smoothly through our daily/weekly accounting, including:

  • Financial reporting (weekly and/or monthly)
  • Payables
  • Payroll
  • Tax – Income, Sales and Property
  • Other duties such as benchmarking and forecasting
  • Consulting

PURE has serviced many businesses with their back office accounting. In addition to accounting, the company also services its clients through consulting and other value-added services.

PURE Back Office Solutions

With decades of experience, helping businesses
to find comprehensive solutions

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